Nail wraps: A Dummy Proof Guide

Who doesn’t love a professional manicure? There is nothing quite like walking out of the salon with fresh high-gloss nails or amazing sculpted nails you know are singular. However, a trip to the salon can be time-consuming and a professional manicure can be expensive. Nail wraps may be the alternative we need.

Nail wraps make it possible to get fabulous nails on your own, at home. With nail wraps, you get a professional stylish manicure in minutes without setting aside a day for the salon and without draining your bank account.

Nail wraps also come in a seemingly infinite variety of designs. From complicated and intricate foils to stunning abstract patterns, you cannot exhaust the choices available with nail wraps.

If complex designs are not your thing, nails wraps can be applied that look just like classic manicure styles. French manicures, glossy reds, and simple matte hues are all part of the nail wrap repertoire.

Before taking the plunge and trying nail wraps, there are some things you should know about them. Nails wraps are easy to apply, and they do make for great-looking nails, but, like anything else, there are some techniques and preparation you should know about before attempting nail wraps yourself.

But ultimately, nail wraps are a great option when you need fantastic nails but do not have the time or the money for a professional manicure. Nails wraps are easy, they are safe, and they look amazing.

This guide will give you everything you need to know about nail wraps. As it says, this will make nails wraps virtually dummy-proof.

What are Nail Wraps?

Nail wraps were first introduced in the 1980s. One reason they did not catch on quite as well as other manicure options is that they came out around the same time as acrylic extensions and these overshadowed the popularity of nail wraps.

They are made of fabrics like thin paper, silk, linen, fiberglass, or mesh. They sometimes consist of more than one fabric to create more reinforcement. These nail wrap fabrics are embedded with acrylic or gels and can be used to create an extension for your nails.

Essentially, nail wraps are stickers that cover your entire nails. They can be used on natural nails and they can be applied to artificial nails. The real benefit of nail wraps is that virtually any design can be applied with the nail wrap. You can now get apps that will allow you to print your own designs onto a nail wrap.

The wrap is slightly larger than a normal nail, and once applied, they are trimmed to the size of your nails. Nail wraps are available online and at most any drug store or big-box retail outlet.

How to Apply Nail Wraps

Applying nails wraps is fairly easy. You do need to be careful if you want to get the most out of your nail wraps. There are some steps you should follow to make sure they are applied correctly and to make sure they last.

  1. Prep your nails for application.

Make sure your nails are clean. Take extra care to remove any leftover nail polish. Whether you are applying nail wraps to an acrylic manicure or your natural nails, it is essential that you have a clean and smooth surface on your nails.

If you are applying them to natural nails, use a natural nail polish remover to clean away all extraneous nail polish. Whether on acrylics or natural nails, take care to make sure the surface is clean and oil-free.

  1. Trim and buff your nails. Trim your nails to the desired length. Make sure they are even and shape them with a file. Make sure the tops are nice and clean by using a nail buffer.

It is crucial that the tops of your nails are clean and smooth, otherwise, the nail wraps will not apply evenly.

If your nails tend to be brittle and break easily, you can apply a top coat before applying the wraps. This will add some strength to make your nail wraps last longer. Go ahead and apply two coats if you have doubts about the strength of your nails.

  1. Match your nail wrap to your nail size. It does not matter if it is an exact fit. But the closer to your nail size the better since it will mean less trimming and filing after application. Select a wrap that is close to the size of your nail and fit the ends so that they line up with your cuticles.
  2. Use a blow dryer to heat the nail wraps. May nail wraps are heat activated. The blow dryer will affix them to your nails. Do not overheat them. Three to five seconds should do it.

Not all nail wraps require heat. Make sure you follow the instructions on the package before doing this step.

  1. Apply the strips to your nails. Make sure they are lined up with your cuticles. Use a cuticle pusher to even them out across the nails. Make sure there are no bumps or wrinkles before they have time to set and harden.

Shape and dry the strips.

  1. Using the blow dryer again, gently heat the strips on your nails. This will help them adhere and last longer. While heating, use the cuticle pusher to further even out the nail wraps. Make sure there are no bumps or wrinkles because these will harden and remain fixed.
  2. Trim excess wrap. There will inevitably be excess nail wrap. Use nail scissors or nail clippers to trim the excess to the size of your nails. This does not need to be perfect since you will be filing them to make them line up better.
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If your nails are particularly short, you may want to trim the nail wraps before applying them.

  1. File the edges. Use a glass nail file and file off the edges of the excess nail wrap. File from under your nails in order to make an even seam between the wrap and your nails. This will make them appear more natural—as if they were applied by a professional.
  2. Apply a top coat of clear nail polish to seal the wrap designs. You may want to apply two coats to make certain the wrap is completely sealed and protected.

You can skip this step if you prefer a matte finish to your nail wrap designs.

This is all there is to applying nail wraps. As we said in the beginning, one of the main advantages of nail wraps is that you can do them yourself at home. Of course, you can go to a nail technician to have this whole process done for you. But the steps are easy to do yourself, and this whole procedure does not take long.

Are nail wraps bad for your nails?

There have been rumors that nail wraps can damage your nails. All available evidence suggests that these rumors are false. Nail wraps are not made to be permanent and they come off easily simply by soaking them in warm water. Even if they are resistant to soaking, a simple nail polish remover will get them off.

Mail wraps are far less likely to damage your nails than acrylics and gel nails. They do not form the semi-permanent bond like these other nail options.

The short answer is no, nail wraps are not bad for your nails.

How long do nail wraps last?

If applied correctly and carefully, nail wraps can last up to 14 days. Most manufacturers of nail wraps will guarantee the stickers will last six months if stored properly.

Best Nail Wraps

Since nail wraps are basically just stickers for your nails, you can imagine they come in just about any variety. There are so many possibilities for nail wraps we could not list them all.

Some of the best nail wraps include:

Essie Sleek Sticks

Essie brand is already well-known for nail polish. They also carry one of the best brands of nail wraps. From wild animal designs to stunning patterns to simple but bright colors, Essie Sleek Sticks are one of the best. They are simple to apply, and they last.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

This is also a well-established brand. The appeal of Sally Hansen designs is that they come in some of the most classic and understated designs available. These nail wraps give you a classic French Manicure with the simplicity of applying stickers to your nails. These will last as long as ten days. For the classics, Sally Hansen Salon Effects are the best.

Jamberry Nail Wraps

These are a little more expensive, but Jamberry Nail Wraps are getting all the attention right now for good reason. They have set the bar for the industry. You can get 18 designs on a single sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps. The sheer number of designs available from Jamberry can keep you busy for hours. These wraps are also simple to apply, and they last as long as two weeks.

Lotusby Bachelorette

One of the best and easiest, Lotusby Bachelorette comes in myriad designs. These also come with an alcohol nail cleanser so you are ready to prep your nails for application. LotusBy comes as a full kit, ready to apply.

Saints Nail Wraps

This is an app you can download that will allow you to design your own nail wraps. You can then print them out and make your own nail wraps. You order the printer sheets from Saints Nail Wraps, and the printers can be purchased online at a reasonable price. It is possible to set up your own nail wrap design studio and make them at home.

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Wrapping things up

Perhaps the best thing about nail wraps is the variety of styles you can get with them. There is no end to the choices. Because nail wraps are basically just stickers you apply to your nails, they can be made to create any image, design, or color you can imagine.

Nail wraps are also incredibly easy to apply. Just follow the steps detailed in this guide, and you can have stunning nails in a matter of minutes. The process involves only a few more steps than putting a simple decal onto something. With a little care and pre-planning, you will have salon-grade nails without the expense.

And finally, nail wraps are inexpensive. You can spare yourself the pricey trip to the salon and spare yourself the time spent with a manicurist by getting and applying a quality nails wrap.

The technology behind modern nail wraps has given us the freedom to make our nails appear fabulous without leaving the comfort of our couches and bedrooms. With a little care and minimal expense, you will have eye-catching nails that look like they are ready for the runway.

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