6 Steps on How to remove dip powder nails safely


Dipped Nails

If you regularly get a salon manicure you are well-acquainted with the common frustrations of a conventional manicure. Trying to not touch anything with fresh nail polish can be next to impossible. One of the great solutions to this has been powder dipped nails.

Powder dipped nails last for as long as four weeks without a smudge or chip. Unlike gel nails, there is no UV light curing process. And they simply look fantastic. The drawback to powder dipped nails is that there is an inevitable trip back to the salon to have them removed.

The good news is that there are now ways to safely remove powder dipped nails yourself. There are some DIY methods. Soaking or wrapping in acetone seems to be the best method. You can buy a steam removal kit, but these have some mixed reviews.

We will give you two step by step guides on how to remove a powder dipped nail manicure at home.

Caution: Do not try to pick at your powder dipped nails. Also, do not try to simply cut your nails and then file the dipped polish off. These things will invariably damage your natural nails.

There is also a misconception that if your powder dipped nails chip in any way you are able to simply pull them off. This is also dangerous and will do serious damage to your natural nails.

Two Methods for Removing Powder Dipped Nails

List of what you will need:

  • Nail File
  • Cotton balls
  • Aluminum foil
  • Paper towels
  • 100 percent acetone
  • Large bowl
  • 2 small bowls (large enough to accommodate your fingertips)

Method One: Wrapping in Foil

This is the preferred method. The wrap helps to minimize your exposure to the acetone.

Step 1

Use a nail file to sand down the topcoat. By removing the shiny topcoat, you free the acrylic so the remover can dissolve it. Thoroughly sanding each nail will make the powder come off more easily.

Step 2

Thoroughly soak cotton balls in pure acetone. You can buy pure acetone at any drug store or major retail outlet.  If you can, pick the cotton balls apart to make them the size of your fingernails. You need a cotton ball for each finger. You do not want the cotton dripping in acetone, but you do want them well soaked.

Step 3

Wrap acetone-soaked cotton balls on each finger. Using aluminum foil, wrap the soaked cotton balls to your fingernails. Make certain the foil completely covers your fingertips. By completely wrapping your fingertips you will ensure that the foil remains in place.

Step 4

Soak for 10-15 minutes. Leave the wrap in place for around 15 minutes to allow the acetone to dissolve the powder and the adhesive undercoat. Try to avoid using your hands during this time. It is tiresome, but it amounts to the same amount of time you would spend at the salon.

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Step 5

Gently remove the wrap and cotton balls. As you remove the cotton ball, gently wipe the nails as you remove it. This will further sweep away the powder and adhesive coats. Any remaining powder will file off easily.

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How to remove dip powder nails

Method Two: Soaking in Acetone

This method also works well, but you will be soaking in pure acetone. Exposure to acetone can irritate your skin, and if you have sensitive skin, this method may not be the one for you.

Step 1

Like the wrap method, use a file to sand the top coat off of your fingernails. Expose the powder and adhesive beneath in order to allow the acetone to dissolve everything.

Step 2

Fill a dish or bowl with warm to hot water. You will need a bowl that can hold a smaller bowl inside it. The water does not need to be so hot it can scald you. Warming some water in the microwave for about a minute will suffice.

Step 3

Place two smaller bowls in the hot water bowls. There are your soaking bowls. Ideally, you should be able to fit all your fingertips in each smaller bowl.

Step 4

Soak a paper towel in acetone and place it in the smaller bowl. Like the cotton balls, you want this soaked but not dripping. The paper towels just need to be soaked enough to thoroughly coat and soak your nails in the bowl.

Step 5

Soak your nails in the acetone towels for 10-15 minutes. Allow a good 10-15 minutes to soak your nails in the acetone in order to free the powder and adhesive coat.

(You can put a cloth towel over your hand in order to prevent breathing the fumes from the acetone. It also makes sense to do this near an open window in order to allow for ventilation).

Step 6

Use the paper towels to wipe off the remaining powder and undercoat. If there is any residual powder, just file it off with a nail file.

Note: No matter which method you use, professionals recommend giving your nails a 1-2 week break in between powder dip manicures. This will allow your nails to moisturize naturally and ensure that they remain strong.

Wrapping things up

We know powder dipped nails are fantastic. The shine, gloss, and durability are worth every penny and worth the trip to a good salon to get them done right. The only hitch has been removing them. Picking and cutting will only damage your natural nails.

Going to the salon for a powder dipped manicure is the part we all enjoy. Going back for the tedious removal is not as much fun. Thankfully, there are now DIY methods that make it possible to safely remove powder dipped nails at home without damaging your natural nails.

As we said at the top, there are expensive removal kits you can purchase online or at specialty stores. Most of these things are just not worth the expense.

The methods detailed above will work and they are relatively inexpensive. With a little patience and care, you can remove your powder dipped nails at home and spare yourself the second trip to the salon.

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