Holographic Nail Polish : What are they?



The latest in gel nails and other new trends in nail polish are great. But when you really need to be “extra,” when you want nails that will simply stand out against everything else. Holographic nail polish is it.

Holographic nail polish does much more than shine. With holographic nail polish, you get a manicure that is a lie light show. Holographic nail polish provides shimmer and shine to your nails with iridescent effects. When light hits your nails, the holographic nail polish will begin to perform.

Holographic nail polish often comes under different names. Multichrome, prism, linear and scatter—some of them are listed according to particle size. It can get confusing figuring out just exactly what is holographic nail polish.

What are Holographic Nail Polishes?

Holographic nail polishes are not all that different from regular nail polish except for the addition of ingredients that add a spectral flair to the polish. Most holographic nail polish includes Spectraflair which is a pigment made of aluminum and magnesium fluoride.

The aluminum and magnesium fluoride refract light and give the polish its holographic properties. By controlling the thickness and relief of the pigment’s flake structure, the diffractive effect can change and produce the holographic effect.

There is some controversy over the safety of products like Spectraflair, but the scientific consensus is that it is safe as long as it is stabilized in something like nail polish.

What type of Holographic Nail Polishes exists?

As with most every other new product trend, holographic nail polishes come in different types. Holographic nail polish is really a category of nail polish types.

  • Scattered Holographic Nail Polish contains just a small amount of Spectraflair. This gives your nails a shimmer on top of more traditional polish. Not the most flamboyant holographic nail polish, but it will stand out over a conventional manicure.
  • Linear Holographic Nail Polish grabs the most attention. These get the term linear because they produce lines of color and shine. Linear holographic nail polishes can create the illusion of movement between colors. Linear holographic nail polishes have not been readily available in stores, but this is changing as manufacturers catch up with demand.
  • Linear Holographic Topcoat. These are exactly what they sound like, a topcoat of linear polish that you can paint onto the conventional nail polish. While not really a holographic nail polish, applying two layers of this topcoat can produce a similar effect.
  • Dry Holographic Pigments are also available which are similar to a powder dip manicure. These need to be applied by a professional since the dry pigments can be toxic if they are not handled properly.

What are they made up of?

As we saw above, holographic nail polishes consist of a conventional polish with the addition of something like Spectraflair.

The dry holographic pigments most often contain aluminum and titanium dioxide. These chemicals may sound scary, but all available science approves of these chemicals as safe.

How to apply Holographic Nail Polish

It is possible to get holographic polishes that go on as easy as conventional nail polish. However, people experienced with holographic nail polish recommend a process that will ensure that the polish goes on completely and provides maximum flair and effect.

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Base Coat

Use a shine buffer to create a fine shiny surface on your nails. This will provide maximum surface area for the polishes to adhere to. Allow the base coat to completely dry. This base coat will actually cause the holographic shine to become more luminous.

Do not use an adhesive base coat. This will cause the holographic polish to adhere unevenly.

Base Coat + Color

This may sound counterintuitive, but a base coat plus a coat of color will intensify color changes in the holographic coat. Use a shiny color to accentuate the holographic coat. With some experience, you can match a base coat color with the colors in the holographic polish that you want to shine.

Apply Holographic Polish

You simply paint this on like any conventional polish. Obviously, you want to follow the three strokes rule with great care. Holographic polishes grab attention.

Top Coat

There is some disagreement over whether or not you should apply a topcoat. The consensus is that a topcoat will not dull or hurt your holographic polish. But some people are of the opinion that a topcoat is just unnecessary with something as lustrous as holographic nail polish.

I simple and easy topcoat is Sally Hansen Insta Dri which comes in a clear triangular bottle.

Which are the best Holographic Nail Polish?

With so much attention on holographic polishes, manufacturers have been quick to put out a huge selection to choose from. The real challenge is figuring out which is the best. Here are the top five:

Mega S by ILNP

This is the top-rated linear polish. It promises intense, long-lasting holographic style. It is also vegan and cruelty-free.

Color Club Holographic Hues Nail Polish.

This is another linear polish. Reviews have all spoken to how long it lasts. Color Club is vegan, cruelty-free, and contains no toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP.

Hexy Bikini Textured Polish

Hexy is an example of a scattered holographic polish. Glittery shines are reminiscent of glam rock style and glitter. It is a textured polish that generally requires a basecoat. Hexy offers three basecoat starters with a purchase.

Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish

Another scattered holographic polish, the Layla line includes Ocean Rush which will create a 3D wave effect on your nails. Quick-drying and not tested on animals.

LECHAT Perfect Match Nail Polish

Lechat is something of a cross between a scattered shine and a linear polish. It creates a sparkle that resembles diamonds when applied. It dries quickly and is really easy to apply.

All of these polishes come in at under $20, so your choices are not only exciting but also affordable.

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It is not often that manicure trend comes along that you can do yourself. Many of the big advances in manicures usually require an expensive trip to the salon. Holographic nail polishes are incredible with the shines and effects they can produce, and most of them can be done at home.

You also have a wide array of choices with holographic nail polish. You can choose between a straightforward sparkle and flash with a scattered holographic polish, or you can go all out with linear polish that will create holographic waves on your nails.

Holographic nail polish offers something extra when you want your nails to be lustrous and luminous.

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