Cuticle Oil: Benefits, How to Use and Best Options


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Cuticle oil is made with a combination of common carrier oils and essential oils.

Carrier oils are generally almond, jojoba, coconut, and grapeseed oils, or a combination of these. Cuticle oil can be used to moisturize and treat the skin around nails. This helps with the overall health of nails, and it helps to maintain the skin surrounding nails. Cuticle oils are great for treating dry skin, cracked nails, even ingrown nails, and fungal infections.

The use of cuticle oils has increased in recent years as people have become aware of natural treatments for skin and nails. The use of cuticle oils not only makes for great looking nails, but it is also a natural skin care supplement with many uses.

Benefits of Cuticle Oil

Protecting Nails

Cuticle oils stimulate blood flow to your extremities including the fingertips. This helps stimulate cell growth and regeneration. As cuticle oils stimulate these functions, they help protect against everything from injuries to inflammation of the skin. The process of cell growth and regeneration also helps boost the strength of your nails and protects against breaking, bruising, and scrapes.


Since our hands are exposed to so much—heat, excessive water, extreme weather conditions, etc.—cuticle oil works to moisturize and protect the skin. Excessive dryness, for example, can cause the cuticles to pull back from the nail. This is not only unsightly, but it is also quite painful. The application of cuticle oil can prevent this problem by providing moisture. It can also treat the problem once it has begun.

Benefits of the Carrier Oils

The carrier oils in cuticle oils each have their own specific properties and benefits. The overall benefits of cuticle oil will generally be the same for all of them, but the varying types of carrier oils will add their own benefits.

Almost Oil

Almond oil is known for its emollient properties. It provides moisturizing for the cuticles, skin, and nails, and it also actively softens the skin. This is why almond oil is frequently used in cosmetics.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil provides powerful antioxidant, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. When used in cuticle oil, tea tree oil actively fights bacterial and fungal infection. Tea tree oil also strengthens nails and makes them less brittle and prone to breakage.

Wheat Germ Oil

This provides nutrition for your skin and nails. Effectively, wheat germ oil provides vitamin E which helps stimulate cell growth and strengthens the nail bed.

Sesame Oil

Only a small amount of sesame oil is needed to provide powerful antioxidants. The active ingredient of sesamol helps remove free radicals from the body and provides protection for nails and cuticles.

How to Use Cuticle Oil

You only need to use small amounts of cuticle oil at any one time. Apply small drops of the oils to the skin around the nails and cuticles and gently massage into the skin and cuticles.

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Most of the cuticle oils available come with a dropper or some other applicator to help measure out small amounts. You can purchase applicators that will target skin and cuticle areas of particular concern. There are also pen applicators, but these are disposable and not all that environmentally friendly.

Specific Uses

If you are looking for cuticle oils for highly specific reasons such as dry cuticles or for cell growth, you can use the guide to carrier oils above to help target the type of cuticle oil you need. The carrier oils and their specific properties will help you evaluate which one will work best for your needs.

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Cuticle Oil Benefits - How to Use and Best Options

Best Options for Cuticle Oil

The main criteria for evaluating your best options for cuticle oil comes to a few simple categories. You know what is going on with your own body, and you will be best served to identify what is going on with your cuticles and nails better than any name brand manufacturer.

There are four basic considerations for determining the best options for cuticle oil:

How long will the product keep your cuticles and nail beds soft?

Most experts state that it should only take a few days for cuticle oils to show noticeable results in the softness and health of your cuticles after using cuticle oil. What is more, if you are using the whole bottle to get the results you want, the cuticle oil you are using is substandard. You should also see results long after you apply cuticle oil. You should not need to constantly re-apply.

Which extract and essential oils are in the cuticle oil.

Some extract and essential oils provide cooling properties. Others are more soothing. Choose a cuticle oil based on the kinds of specific results you are after. Also, the carrier oils will determine the best options for a cuticle oil. Consider the guide above when making a determination.


Many cuticle oils are scented. Even if these are natural scents, you may or may not want this in cuticle oil. People who have allergies or sensitive skin may have an adverse reaction to some scented cuticle oils. Make sure to check and see if the cuticle oil is scented.

Other Benefits

Make sure you check to see if the cuticle oil provides benefits beyond the health of your cuticles and nails. Some cuticle oils contain natural, plant-based butter for example, which will protect against split nails and will also moisturize your hands.

Wrapping this Up

The best news about cuticle oils is that they really do work to strengthen your cuticles and nails. They do provide real results using only natural ingredients. And the fact that there is a real demand for cuticle oils means they are now readily available. An awareness of the benefits of natural oils has provided us with some great options for cuticle oils.

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